The Plans and the Memories

Future Reunions


2008    There are indications that our 4th World Wide Reunion may be held in Los Angeles.  As soon as I have solid information, I will post it here, as well as notify those on my mailing list by email.  I hope to see you all there. 

Past Reunions

2006    World Wide The 3rd World Wide Gerstenberger/Gerstenberg Family Reunion was held in Berlin, Altenburg, and Gerstenberg, from Sunday, 20 Aug 2006, thru Sunday, 27 Aug 2006.  Arnt, Robert, Rico, Maria Lucas, and Dietmar Boehme put together a great program.  Besides time to get acquainted and hold formal meetings, we enjoyed touring together around Berlin, to Potsdam, Sans Souci, and travelling south to Alenburg and Gerstenberg, where we again joined in a festival.  All agreed that there is little better than spending time with our extended family!

2004    World Wide    The 2nd World Wide Gerstenberger Family Reunion was held September 9th thru 12th in Lake Placid, NY, at the Best Western Golden Arrow Hotel.  Naj Wikoff (Eastern Ohio 2 Gerstenberger descendant), orchestrated this most enjoyable gathering of the clan.  There is a most interesting write-up about it at Arnt's website, .  Be sure and look at the Photo's.

                      Texas Gerstenberger Reunion

                       Minnesota Gerstenberger Reunion

                        Kansas Gerstenberger Reunion

(I'll fill in details about these as I gather it from the organizers.)

                        (Who else should be here?)

2002    World Wide    The 1st World Wide Gerstenberger Family Reunion was held in Gerstenberg, Germany, while the town celebrated it's 775 Year Anniversary!  Being there with over 75 other Gerstenberger descendants from around the world was one of the highlights of my life!  I know there is a description of the activities out there in cyberspace somewhere - I'll find it and link to it here.